The Indian Head Massage was amazing I feel so much lighter and relaxed.
P. E

Since having regular Reiki sessions my painful joints and mobility have improved so much. I also so feel much calmer and less stressed
- K. H

I have spent a lot of money and tried many treatments over the years, with little or no success, I wish i had found Reiki sooner.
- Mrs S

After my relationship ended i felt I couldn't go on but the Reiki treatments really helped me to think more clearly and to realise that I can make a good future for myself and the children.
- S. W

I really enjoyed the massage, all that tension and my aches and pains have disappeared. I'll definitely recommend it to others.
- Miss A. H

Thanks for listening to me and being so understanding, I've been able to speak about things that i've been keeping to myself for years and years.
- Mrs M

Thank you for a wonderful Reiki weekend, the experience was truly eye opening.
- Mrs A

Thank you Mike for a fruitful and enlightening weekend of Reiki.
- Mrs M. H

Just a line to say thank you for a really special weekend of Reiki and for allowing me to share it with the other people on the course but especially for your own contribution as a teacher and Reiki Master.
- S. G

I was feeling a little nervous as I arrived for the Reiki 1st Degree but you were very welcoming and soon put us at ease. I was so impressed with your patience and the way you taught us, I just wanted to say thanks because Reiki has made such a difference to my life and I will always be grateful to you for your kindness and the help you have given me.
- B. G