Stress reduction in the work place

With the uncertainty of the present economic climate and the rise in redundancies and job cuts, stress in the workplace is running at an all time high, with approximately 13.9 million working days lost due to stress and stress related ailments in the U.K in the past year.
Now more than ever a clear head and calm thinking are essential, with more forward thinking companies realising the benefits of offering their workers short stress reduction treatments in the workplace. These treatments are a great way of helping to keep management and staff focused and motivated by reducing stress, anxiety and many of the physical and emotional conditions associated with stress.

A stress free environment will lead to an increase in concentration, motivation, morale and productivity.

Treatments available for stress reduction in the workplace can be tailored to suit your specific situation and needs and can include

. Head, Neck and Shoulder massage (carried out seated and fully clothed)

. Reiki Natural Healing (carried out on a treatment couch or seated and fully clothed)

. Back massage (carried out on a treatment couch)

Treatments in the workplace usually last for 15 or 20 minutes each but can be altered to suit your requirements.

Some of the benefits of corporate stress reduction

. Relieves stress and tension
. Increases energy and vitality
. Relieves worry and anxiety
. Boosts self confidence
. Strengthens the immune system
. Increases concentration, intuition and focus

If you or your company would be interested in finding out more about corporate stress reduction or if you would like to arrange a one day trial please contact me