Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki healing can be sent to people who are unable to get to see a Reiki practitioner. It makes no difference whether you are in the next room or across the other side of the world, Reiki distant healing can be just as effective as a one to one treatment and can be sent to people, animals or situations.

As with any type of healing system there is never any guarantee that we will get exactly what we want from a healing treatment as we will all at some point experience pain and suffering as well as joy and happiness and ultimately we will all pass on from this world in order for our soul to carry on with its development, but many people suffering either mentally, emotionally or physically receive great benefits and peace of mind from Reiki, so even if a person has a terminal illness they can still benefit from its healing energy.

The one thing I can guarantee is that I will send healing to anybody that requests it and will ask for divine order and harmony to be sent to the person, place or situation mentioned in the healing request.

To Make A Healing Request

If you would like me to send healing to a person, place or situation on your behalf, please e-mail your request to me , giving as much relevant information as possible i.e. name, sex, age, whereabouts and a short description of the problem and if there is a particular time when healing is most needed etc.


Although there is no set charge for distant healing any donations would help me to devote more time to helping others through Reiki healing and other related therapies, so as well as receiving healing for yourself you will also be helping others who are in need.
If you genuinely are not in a position to make a donation I would ask that you perform some act of kindness that will in some way benefit another person or persons, in this way we maintain the balance of the giving and receiving of energy and it will give the person requesting the healing a chance to give something back for what they have received.

To make a donation, please use PayPal: