Mike Kelly M.A.S.C - M.I.C.H.T

Welcome to my website.

My name is Mike Kelly and I am a fully qualified professional therapist, offering a range of complementary treatments from my home treatment room based in Hornchurch, Essex.

During 11 years of training and 6 years of teaching Kung Fu I came to realise the importance of being in control of our mental/emotional and physical states and how they all need to work in harmony if we are to be healthy, balanced individuals. During this time I also worked with meditation and chi which eventually brought me to the Reiki Natural Healing system.

I have been working as a stress consultant since 1995 and became a Reiki Master in February 1997, since then I have also qualified in Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage. All treatment sessions are tailored to the clients particular needs and are carried out in a very relaxed, friendly and confidential manner.

Through these therapies my clients have benefited on many levels, from stress and anxiety reduction to pain relief, increased confidence and much more.

After treating their initial ailments many clients return on a regular basis for an “energy top up” or for a relaxing hour of “me time”.

I am fully insured with and a member of B.A.B.T.A.C

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